Whitening toothpastes are they worth it?

Whitening toothpaste are they worth it?

Having dazzling white teeth has been the in thing for the past few years. Previously associated with celebrities on the red carpet, teeth whitening has been embraced by virtually everyone who wants to dazzle with crispy white teeth.

Whatever the reason one might have from graduations, wedding events, for blind dates, many people are having teeth whitening procedures done every single day to avoid embarrassments of stained or discoloured teeth especially so on photo albums.

Nonetheless, with the advancement of technology, many people still feel hesitant to have power whitening procedures done. Thus seen as a seemingly expensive procedure, people are always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives that promise the same dazzling results.

This market need that was apparently available has been taken up by manufacturing companies that offer teeth whitening power toothpaste. Promising great results with consistent use, these toothpaste are literally flying off the shelf.

However to attain and maintain blinding white teeth, one has to use tube after tube of the whitening toothpaste which is not cheap. Most of them cost up to 300% of than ordinary toothpaste, thus more costly than many people initially fathom.

So do they work?

This is the main concern people have when purchasing this toothpaste. With advertisement on TV and youtube networks, one usually holds on to the hope that they must work. Well, unfortunately, most don’t work. Recent studies on participants show that one may be better off using regular toothpaste as it will save you a lot of money.

To explain this one has to look at the concept behind tooth whitening toothpaste. The toothpaste either uses abrasion or enzymes as their action mechanism in removing stains’. In use of abrasions, the whitening toothpaste main ingredient works at scrubbing off the stains that have been acquired over time from the enamel.

One doesn’t have to be a genius to realize that this is an unhealthy procedure for the teeth. Removing and constant abrasion scrubbing damages the enamel and gums and thus is dangerous to one’s dental health.

This not only leaves it prone to infections but one is more susceptible to staining easily in the future The use of enzymes, on the other hand, works by stopping staining of teeth. This is done by inhibiting any kind of binding of stains and discolouration from drinks and foodstuff.

This is a much safer method because it stops further staining, nonetheless, it’s ineffective in whitening the teeth as it promises.


The studies conducted on participants between the ages of mid-thirties to forties showed interesting results. As expected their dentine was darker and they had some staining from years of eating foods that stain, tea, coffee, wine and other smoking, thus they were the perfect candidates.

With the use of popular teeth whitening brands on their teeth for a period of four weeks, they saw no whitening results as promised by the use of products.

Nonetheless what was more interesting was the manufacturers respond to the studies. Branding the studies as inconclusive and rigged with irregularities, the manufacturers had one interesting answer. Soaking?

Yes soaking teeth, that applies the tooth paste on the teeth for not less than five minutes before brushing. This is not only insane but an impractical method; most folks brush their teeth for only two minutes maximum!

So what about the popular brands

It’s always comical to read the advertising labels on the toothpaste packaging. Some of the popular leading teeth whitening toothpaste brands offer unrealistic promises. Looking at the packaging and wordings closely exposes the lies that they peddle around.

Oral B whitening toothpaste promises to whiten the back, front and visible surfaces in just two weeks. This simply means that all other invisible surfaces will be left discoloured and stained. The Arm & Hammer whitening toothpaste promises to remove stains and buff the teeth into a whiter brighter smile.

Swiss Dent Xtreme brand toothpaste promises to penetrate tiniest fissures for bleaching results. BlanX intense stain remover promises to only restore teeth to their original natural whiteness in a period of fewer than thirty days and finally, Rembrandt complete whitening toothpaste states it is clinically proven in removing more than surface stains.

Looking at the wordings, they are not only baloney but completely misleading, especially keeping in mind that their products only have bleaching content of about 0.1 per cent. This means removing more than surface stains and penetrating surface features is clinically impossible.

The only accurate branding is restoring to the original colour, which means if your teeth were yellow and stained that is the end results that one will achieve, far from being whitened! However, as much as all this have interesting promises, the Beverly hills’ whitening formula takes the crown for being the one giving outrageous impossible promises, removing stains in one minute.

It’s now clear that the brandings used on whitening toothpaste are just a means that manufacturers use to get bigger market shares. For them, it’s all about the profit and loss statements and margins, the bigger the better.

Over the counter and online purchases

Over the counter, products are also proving to be frustrating. With only a percentage of 0.1 per cent of hydrogen peroxide, one can bleach all they want for hours, week in, year in and they will get no whitening results one so desires. Only dental specialists are allowed a percentage of o.6 far from the once-popular Zoom and Britesmile that contained toxic amounts of hydrogen peroxide of almost 25%.

To meet the market demand, there is a strong emergence of cases where people are purchasing whitening products for their whitening needs online. However, what the experiences people are relating from the uses is costly and dangerous. In the end, one has to consider if it’s worth attaining white teeth at the cost of burned lips.

Whitening option left

Simply put, the whitening option you left with is visiting our centre at smile60. Not only will you have trained experienced specialist working to brighten your teeth, but you will have peace of mind knowing that we are using quality safe products and advanced technology leaving yours with dazzling crispy white teeth. After all, this is a cheaper procedure that uses less time and that leaves you with enviable results for up to 24 months.

Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you!

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