Does whitening damage the teeth?

The teeth whitening procedure is meant to remove stains from teeth in order to make them look whiter and brighter. The white colour can actually change if you let stains accumulate on the surface of your teeth. This mostly occurs with time depending on the type of foods and drinks you take. The question that has clicked in the minds of many people is whether teeth whitening damages teeth. Teeth can be damaged if you choose the wrong whitening procedure. There are many over-the-counter teeth whitening kits out there. You should not try any of them if you are not sure about them.

This is because most of them contain chemicals that can permanently damage your teeth. The recommended procedure is the laser teeth whitening. In the laser teeth whitening procedure, lasers are used to fasten the chemical reaction of the teeth whitening solution. Lasers make the process fast and efficient. Note that the modern laser whitening process cannot be done at home like other common processes. There must be a specialist to supervise the dental process. Laser teeth whitening uses the current technology to give instant results. Remember that a tooth whitening gel must be used in any form of teeth whitening.

This whitening gel contains oxygen ions, which actually removes stains from the teeth. The work of the laser is actually to speed up the release of oxygen ions from the gel. As these ions get released, stains from the teeth are lifted gently to give a brighter smile. The specialist has to follow an established procedure. The laser whitening treatments offer excellent results. Lasers are very precise since they cannot cause teeth damage. The procedure is done faster and efficiently.  A very bright bulb is used to activate the whitening gel releasing the oxygen ions at a faster rate. The light makes the gel to react faster and this makes the teeth look whiter. For a safer teeth whitening procedure consider choosing laser teeth whitening.

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