West London Teeth whitening clinics

Smile60 have plenty of options when it comes to getting your teeth whitened in the West London area as we have two clinics. London Ealing which is perfectly located opposite the fire station or in Stockley Park which is near Heathrow.

Both clinics have free parking and appointments can be arrange at short notice.

Laser teeth whitening is a very popular method of tooth whitening because it takes just 1 hour and the results are instant so no waiting a few days!

With laser whitening, it can take years off your age and make the teeth look healthy again and will whiten the teeth up to 12 shades.

Custom Rack Whitening

Custom rack whitening entails making use of a set which you have to make use of frequently in the house. Dental practitioners manage to prescribe a stronger concentration of whitening gel, which possesses the capacity to lighten the teeth through approximately 6 tones. The set is generally worn anywhere coming from one week to 2 full weeks at certain times throughout the day.

In-Surgery Laser Whitening

In surgical treatment, whitening is actually a preferred approach because it delivers an instant result. A preventive dam is used to protect the oral cavity and also periodontal, and after that, a dental practitioner is going to apply some strong peroxide gel straight onto the teeth. This kind of whitening has the capacity to whiten the teeth through approximately six hues.

Kor Whitening

Kor whitening utilizes both an in-office and take-home package to dramatically bleach the teeth. Kor is considered to be among the most highly effective types of teeth whitening therapies that are currently available. It manages to lighten the teeth greater than the various other therapies noted on this web page. The procedure is actually continuous, so you may finish it when you seem like you are happy so you are observing.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are strips that are actually coated in an exclusive whitening gel. You put the bits onto your bottom and also leading teeth and afterwards leave all of them on for a collection amount of time. They may normally bleach the teeth by as much as 4 colours if utilized over a time period. Some people experience sensitiveness when using this type of whitening.

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste can be bought from many medication shops. It can whiten your teeth throughout 1 to 2 months. It is an affordable choice if you desire to somewhat lighten your teeth, however, you need to remain to utilize the toothpaste if you wish the results to last, plus this method of whitening are going to simply clear away superficial stains coming from the teeth.

Just how to Acquire Your Teeth Whitened

To get your teeth whitened you will definitely need to come close to a dental expert that focuses on whitening the teeth. You can easily discover all of them by seeking all of them on the web. All primary dentists will definitely have a web site where you can check out even more thorough information on the services and products they deliver, in addition to details on how to schedule a consultation. You may also see just before and also after images of previous tooth whitening therapies that they have done to ensure that you can easily view what type of results you may count on to obtain. Constantly opt for a recognized and also trusted oral surgery to make sure that you will be actually getting a top-quality solution. Check our FAQs!


Lightening the teeth is actually one preferred strategy made use of in the dental office. A tooth whitening option is actually used which is high in bleaching substance attention. The teeth whitening agent consists of a hypochlorite, an all-natural peroxide, an inorganic peroxide, a hydro-peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, a peracid, carbamide peroxide, or mixtures thereof.

The whitening service may be actually used either by coating it on, much like administering nail gloss to your fingernails or even by using a holder having the answer positioned over the teeth. The tray has to be actually custom-fitted to the natural formation of the teeth.

Procedures for Teeth whitening

These operations are rather invasive and depending on law in the United States and various other nations can just be performed in an oral workplace through trained professionals. If it were certainly not the regulation, they are not ideal for self-application also. It is crucial to take note that the toughness of these chemicals is much more powerful than identical over-the-counter whitening products marked for property usage.

These procedures are actually annoying to the person as well as may be pretty costly. Another warning to the patient using the tray technique: there is actually a substantial probability of over-whitening of the teeth, causing a blue glow around the teeth and there will certainly be actually most undoubtedly harsh tooth sensitivity. This is mainly due to the whitening agent being actually tough to accurately regulate. Some treatments in the dental expert’s workplace usage laser devices or even illuminations to intensify the effectiveness of the bleaching solution. It typically takes regarding an hour and a half to finish the procedure and also may take up to three hours. The bleaching treatment takes about twenty mins, split right into three treatments.

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