Unhealthy obsession

Orthorexia: Unhealthy obsession

Orthorexia is an eating disorder that stems from too much of a good thing. It happens when people are so concerned about eating healthy food, that they wind up wasting away to nothing. This unusual problem was first referred to orthorexia by Dr Steven Bratman.

The condition is very hard to detect, despite experts warning that it is on the rise. People with this condition referred to their diet as their religion and their bodies the temple of worship. Such people are so strict with what they eat that it makes them sick.

Whereas it is orthorexia is different from sticking to a particular diet plan, the two are similar in many aspects. This fixation with righteous eating becomes some obsessive-compulsive disorder focused on healthy food. People with orthorexia consider healthy eating to be some sort of a god who they must bow down to or they are a sinner.

Eating should be a matter of choice; but when it becomes a ritual, something bad is going on. People with orthorexia allow food to take over their life. They ignore many types of food and are very strict with tiny details concerning food.

This problem is thought to be psychological in nature, where emotions are converted into delusions that every aspect of food is essential. Such people want to feel that they can make choices that want to keep them healthy.

The problem can be traced to the perception that society regards healthy eating as a virtue. Such adoption of radical diets means that people mistrust their bodies and that only obsessive thinking is the solution.

Despite the fact that keeping to a diet is recommended, it should be watched over carefully and with moderation. It is possible to escape from this unending quest for purity. Those who suffer from orthorexia should start by reducing the amount of space food occupies in their minds. They should understand that what their body demands are healthier than what their logic says.

You could be suffering or developing orthorexia, and you don’t know it. There are many symptoms that can help you to identify the problem in you or someone else. The major sign is a fanatical inclination towards the use of supplements.

Being very absorbed with exercise and eliminating the use of many food types. Other symptoms include loss of weight, and living by the philosophy that some foods are healthy and pure. Another major symptom is being very strict with food preparation and hygiene. Having an extensive list of allergies that are not scientifically proven is also an indication that you are going the orthorexia route.

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