Teeth whitening and smoking

Everybody around the world wants white teeth but are unable to know why their teeth are in such a bad state having a yellow brownish color.

Looking at the magazines and other family photos and seeing that people have bright teeth might sadden many.

However some of the causes of it may be, poor hygiene, which literally means that a person does not brush or floss their teeth on a regular basis, causing plague build up, which in turn causes food to stick more to teeth and gums.

Another reason may be genetics, as many may realize a person may have whiter teeth than another without ever have their teeth whitened, and even looking at red haired people who are born more prone to having yellow teeth than others.

However, smoking is also one of the top reasons why many have yellow teeth. Smoking causes the teeth to have stains that seem unable to be removed by just brushing. The stains are caused by tar and nicotine found in tobacco products. Which means that the higher the quantity of nicotine the taste the teeth will get stained.

Many smokers might feel that there is no need to have their teeth whitened as it would not change and that it is all a waste of time especially if they are not ready to let go of their smoking habits, but this is all but a myth.

Any type of teeth can be whitened with the right procedure done to it. But one may not know which to choose as there are so many at this age and time.

A good example is the use of soda ash at home, even though this may work after a couple of weeks, the taste of having soda ash in the teeth every day ,twice a day is not the ideal taste to look forward to.

The best place to go for such a procedure is Smile60, whose system is very powerful and its results lasts longer than other systems usually advertised.

With the procedure usually last s for a maximum of about 2 hours with 30 minutes for consultation and 1 hour for the actual procedure and about 30 minutes to relax after the procedure, which literally means that it can be done in a day.

The procedure after being done usually last for up to 2 years but varies from person to person, for some may need to visit smile 60 after only a few months with others having the luxury of staying longer without the procedure being conducted again.

With smile60 one is given a home maintenance kit to be using as your daily needs require, this is to ensure that the teeth whitening procedure stays longer than one would expect, as it also increases the whitening results drastically.

The procedure usually is by use of a laser, and one may think that this might damage the teeth or gums but this cannot happen as when the procedure is conducted, gums are usually protected and there is no irritation whatsoever.

Hence only the staining is lifted to remove it from the teeth revealing beautiful white teeth underneath. With all that said, it is important to know that the results are guaranteed, once a smoker goes in for the procedure they are shown a chart of how stained their teeth are and what shade it will look like afterwards.

Then the decision is left for the person to make, but generally whitening ranges between 5-12 shades from the original. With studies having been done to others who have had the procedure done to them having no side effects this is the only way smokers should chose to go.

However smokers should be willing to change their lifestyles but start small by reducing the amount of cigarettes they smoke every day, as it lowers the concentration of the tar and nicotine also reduces thus less staining.

The use of food, fruits and drinks like coffee, tea and berries, which are known for staining teeth should also be avoided t all costs. Instead they should cultivate a habit of consuming white and clear foods such as oatmeal, milk water or chicken.

And after undergoing the whitening procedure with smile60 and incorporating the good habits in their daily routine, smokers will not have to worry about being picked on because of the yellow or brown teeth as it will no longer exist and all that will be there is a white bright smile.

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