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Teeth whitening has never been so straight forward as you can have a smile of your dreams in just 60 minutes from Smile 60 – laser teeth whitening specialists.
Our clinic in Rickmansworth offers the following benefits -
  • Massive savings on Laser teeth whitening treatments
  • One visit, one treatment, one new Smile - every time!
  • We specialise in only laser teeth whitening
  • After care kit included with every treatment
  • Appointment times to suit including evening and weekends

Getting married soon?

For those soon to be brides and grooms, you’re going to want to look for your best for your best day. Teeth whitening will not only provide those beautiful, ear-to-ear sparkling smiles for picture posing but, the look you’ve always wanted.

Here are some advantages:
  • The stain-free pearl-white teeth you've always wanted!
  • A huge boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence!
  • The best you can look for both your partner to be and for yourself!
Smile60 laser teeth whitening @ Cardinal Point

Sandra from Rickmansworth
“Nice white teeth again has given me more self confidence to smile freely”

James from Watford
“Much easier to have done in Rickmansworth than going to London”

Michael from Bushey
“What appealed to me was the treatment and the consultation is done on the same day and of course instant results. Since my treatment my wife and mate at work have had their all done and we are all pleased.”

There are many reasons why we choose to have our teeth whitened but these are few –

  • Improve appearance
  • Anti aging
  • New Job
  • Wedding
  • Parties
  • New date
  • Self confidence
  • Dental work
  • Increase self confidence

There are many more but these are just a few. Getting that illusive Hollywood smile is not closer than you think.

We have a page dedicated to results above but please see a few here –

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