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Smile clinic – 400 Thames Valley Park Drive,Thames Valley Park
Reading, Berkshire ,RG6 1PT

Smile 60 offers a brilliant white smile in our local clinic in just 60 minutes. Laser teeth whitening costs less and is easier than other teeth whitening treatments.??Our Reading clinic is ideally located and close to towns like Bracknell, Maidenhead, Wallingford, Ascot and Newbury

Our clinic in Reading offers -
  • A relaxing and comfortable ambience
  • Easy parking
  • Late evenings and weekend appointments
  • Undertaken by trained teeth whitening professionals
  • Specialists in only teeth whitening treatments
  • Excellence in service every time


With the development of technology of the laser system what previously took weeks of time and several repeated sessions now only takes 60 minutes. The laser teeth whitening system can your teeth up to 10 shades in about an hour and only one visit to one of our clinics.

The big advantage of Smile60 is that your new smile will appear after one 60 minute treatment, many people need less than an hour to get their teeth white again.

The Smile 60 laser teeth whitening is ideal for those who want instant results. We all desire lovely white teeth fast, no pain, no hassle, and the sooner the better – Smile 60 is your local solution.


Teeth whitening is no longer a preserve of the rich and famous, thanks to the affordable packages offered at various clinics scattered across the country. What’s more, it is a painless procedure that is easy and effective. For a reasonable fee, and for just an hour, your teeth are made to look as white as when you were a baby. The modern teeth whitening procedure is effective and proven to last for a long time.

Why do you need teeth whitening?
  • To look young and confident
  • To enjoy smiling.
  • To restore the beauty of your teeth.
  • To uplift your mood.
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