Why Power Laser Whitening Is The Right Choice For You

Have you ever wondered how the stars seem to have pristine, white teeth as they are smiling on the red carpet?

Depending upon the celebrity some have gone through great lengths to achieve that smile. While some procedures such as veneers and implants can be time-consuming, costly and painful many of the brightest smiles we see today are done by the laser power whitening process.

Since it’s debut in the United States ten years ago and in the United Kingdom nearly four years ago, this laser power whitening has become the number one choice for teeth whitening by the stars. But because this process is so cost-effective anyone can afford to have a million-dollar smile.

Laser power teeth whitening is a rather straight forward process and because it requires no dentist procedures the work is done in a comfortable clinical setting. In just one appointment a professionally trained technician will have you smiling like a star within an hour.

Upon arrival, a consultation with the technician will help you decide what whitening gel best suits your needs. There are various gels available that are used depending upon the amount of staining. Unlike other whitening gels and trays, these gels do not bleach the teeth and are peroxide-free.

Once the gel is applied just sit back and relax. Because the gel has a limited activation life, three applications will be applied, fifteen minutes apart. A powerful laser light activates the gel and does all the work. Having a pristine smile is that simple, painless and quick.

But if that is not convincing enough here are a few other reasons why power laser whitening is the wisest choice to make.

– because power laser whitening is non-bleaching and peroxide free it is safe and painless even on sensitive teeth and gums.
– unlike expensive dental treatments and visits laser power whitening is cost-effective because there is no hidden or recurring charges.
– because the work is done by fully trained technicians you can rest assured that the procedure is done right, the first time and every time
– with proper dental hygiene, treatment can last up to two years, no follow-up appointments are needed
– this process is so inexpensive no dental insurance is required, Visa, MasterCard and Debit Cards are accepted.

Why is My Smile Fading?

There are many elements that trigger yellowing or even staining, featuring diet regimen, medicines and smoking cigarettes. Coffee, soft drink, herbal tea and merlot are actually major culprits. Even if these things were cut out of your diet regimen, ageing is actually a natural procedure that unfortunately leads to dull, tarnished pearly whites.

The surface area of the tooth is porous, so even with alert cleaning, your pearly whites are going to tarnish as time go on. Fortunately, this damage is actually reversible along with the pearly whites whitening technology today offered. A brighter, whiter smile instils assurance and enhances your whole entire physical appearance.

What Are My Teeth Whitening Options?

Prior to using any type of product, talk to your dental expert. The degree of staining, as well as your wanted results, are choosing to consider which method you need to decide on to brighten your smile. While readily on call therapies may lighten your pearly whites three or four tones, cosmetic dental experts may create impressive end results – up to 14 shades whiter.

Periodically, teeth are as well harmed and tarnished for also laser device whitening to make preferable outcomes. Because instance, your dentist may suggest porcelain veneers. A laminate might be actually applied on a couple of certain teeth, while the others go through a whitening procedure. If any of your pearly whites are had an effect on, you could pick numerous laminates.

How Much Time Can My Teeth Visit Whiter?

With suitable treatment as well as routine touch-ups, your brand new intense smile should last for years. Nonetheless, coffee, tea, merlot, blueberries and various other meals can take their cost on your pearly whites. Prevent these meals and also cigarettes to keep your smile looking its best. See our FAQs!

After a professional in-office procedure, nonprescription items may be used every few months to clear away new surface area spots.

Just How Much Will It Price to Possess My Teeth Whitened?

The cost varies according to which procedure you decide on as well as your wanted outcomes. In-office laser whitening varies from a number of hundred to over a thousand extra pounds, while over-the-counter procedures are actually as low as ? 10. Porcelain veneers start around ? 350 per tooth as well as climb relying on the work required to prepare the tooth and also the aesthetic dentist administering it.

Home or even over the counter whitening is a really good option for those on a restricted budget plan that don’t mind performing the whitening themselves each night. See your dentist for a detailed cleansing to eliminate excess cavity inducing plaque as well as check for dental caries prior to applying any property therapy.

For those seeking immediate results, those with sensitive teeth and those who are certainly not worried about the budget plan, in-office laser whitening is a fast, simple and painless way to a brighter smile. Observe your cosmetic dentist for a consultation.

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