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At the smile60 Northampton clinic, our team will show the level of whiteness of up to 12 shades in the pre-consultation. This is because they use the best technology available in the market.

We use a safe gel that is applied on the teeth and then followed by a low power laser treatment. The laser is used to infiltrate the crystals of the gel into the tooth enamel. The combined effects of these two procedures result in discoloration and stains-free teeth.


Why Laser teeth whitening?

If your teeth are yellowing and you do not know how to remove the stains, you can visit Smile60 in Northampton. Laser teeth whitening is regarded as one of the best technologies in the market today for teeth whitening treatments.

The procedure will take just under an hour and you will have glowing white teeth and a bright smile.

You will have instant results in just a single visit. Even better is the fact that the results can last up to two years. This will be subject to your type of teeth, lifestyle and the food you eat. When you are ready we can arrange for follow up treatment at only £99.00.


Teeth whitening for dates

If you’re a long time single, or you’re back in the dating game, you’ll know that a great smile is sure to win a member of the opposite sex over.

Having the confidence to show that smile, however, is another matter, and if you’ve got stained teeth, you could be missing out on the person of your dreams.

Teeth whitening is a simple solution for this with the following results:
  • brighter, whiter smile
  • more confidence
  • you'll smile more often
  • a smile is attractive
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