Methods outside whitening for keeping teeth healthy and white

Methods outside whitening for keeping teeth healthy and white

Sparkling white teeth is one desire that many people have but few have naturally. Yellow or stained teeth are not only unsightly but having yellow plaque coating all over the teeth is uncomfortable and disgusting. The antics people embrace to attain this is somewhat shocking; from taking in hydrogen peroxide to chipping and scrapping off the uppermost enamel. In ancient times it was believed that using ones’ urine by gaggling helped clean teeth because of its acidic properties. Research in these areas is light because not many people fancy drinking urine. The good news is that more modern and efficient methods have come up to help aid people in getting those white teeth. However, for those who want to use more efficient long-lasting and virtually free methods, the following ways will be of more assistance.

Foods to eat

Crunchy vegetables

Crunchy vegetables that are naturally chewy are great for your teeth and gums. They actively clean teeth in the process of breaking them down. Some of the crunchy foods and vegetables include; Apples, carrots, cauliflower and the celery, put this in your vegetables or snack on them as a sandwich or on their own for whiter healthier teeth.


Another method outside whitening for keeping teeth healthy and white is eating hard cheese. Hard cheese is one thing that aids you to clean your teeth. The hardness and process of actual chewing remove the remains of decaying food of previous meals. Cheese also prevents plaque buildup that causes decaying of food that leads to cavities

High fibre foods

Foods that have a relatively large amount in fibre have proven to be great anti-inflammatory aids. Foods like pineapples and broccoli are on top of the list. Start eating this, especially the dreaded broccoli for healthier whiter gums as an alternative method outside whitening for keeping teeth healthy.

Citrus fruits

Fruits that have citric acid are great cleaners and whiteners. This is due to the fact that saliva production comes as a direct reaction to the introduction of acid. Saliva production cleans teeth and ensures that no grimy materials get stuck on your teeth. Fruits high in citric acid include grape fruits, lime, lemon and oranges.

Foods to avoid

There are those foods that you naturally like to indulge in that are doing you great injustice and leaving streak marks and stains all over our teeth. They include blackberries, pomegranates, blueberries, coffee, cola, red wine, curry sauce, soy sauce. When you indulge in this, just take extra measures of cleaning your teeth afterwards. Brush your teeth, if not possible quickly rinse with water. Being the laugh in an unsaid joke is cruel.

However, it’s good to note that all these tips and methods outside whitening for keeping teeth healthy and white will be no good if you don’t follow them. This is especially so if you continuously indulge in candy-filled foods and soft drinks without caring much for oral hygiene. Brush daily, after every meal, floss and eat healthily. On top of that go for regular dentist checkups for brighter stunning teeth.

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