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Smile60 @ The Southdown Clinic 136a Southdown road, Southdown, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 1PU
Clean, white teeth-Who doesn't want them these days?

Today, teeth whitening is more popular today than ever before. This is especially true now that there is modern-day technology available in achieving these ends. For example, many persons are choosing
to have their teeth cleaned by means of laser teeth whitening.

Smile 60 offers a brilliant white smile in our Harpenden clinic in just 60 minutes. Laser teeth whitening is easy and costs less than similar treatments.

The process is quick and simple; it only takes an hour. Before the patient knows it, they are walking out of the clinic with clean, bright white teeth. Yes, it’s really that simple.

Laser teeth whitening in Harpenden – One visit- one hour – one new Smile!


Many people nowadays get their teeth whitened.

They choose to whiten their teeth for a number of reasons whether it be for cosmetic reasons or maybe they have suffered some trauma which has cause some discoloration. Here’s a few other reasons why someone may whiten their teeth:

  • To boost their confidence & self-esteem
  • To reverse the years of everyday staining
  • To leave good impressions on people
  • To give themselves a more younger appearance
  • To attend a special occasion
There is many reasons why people choose to whiten their teeth but whatever the reason, they’re always smiling afterwards.
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