What can I eat after laser teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a quick, safe and effective treatment to help lighten the natural colour of teeth. It is a procedure carried out by trained specialists and is not available on the NHS, as a result in order to ensure the maximum longevity of your investment in newly whitened teeth there are a number of after treatment foods and beverages that should be avoided.

The list below gives advice on the foods and beverages and other behaviours that are not recommended by the consultants for up to 72 hours after the procedure so that the tooth is not re-stained during the hardening process.


  • Blackberries, Strawberries, Raspberries and any other dark fruits and fruit sauces.
  • Curry, Tea, Coffee, Red Wine, Cola, Cherryade, Orangeade any other fizzy drink containing dyes or artificial colourings.
  • Orange juice, Cranberry juice, Red Meats, Chocolate, Tomatoes or tomato-based sauces.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables, Soy sauce, Worcestershire Sauce.

(As a helpful hint: if the food you want to eat or the beverage you want to drink will stain a tablecloth then avoid it for up to 72 hours after treatment).

In order to maintain the whiteness achieved from your treatment consultants recommend that ONLY white foods and beverages are eaten for up to 72 hours after the procedure. Using a straw for drinking is also recommended to keep as much liquid as possible away from the teeth.


  • Mash potato, White wine, Milk, Rice, Water, Plain, Yoghurt, Chicken, Turkey, Quorn, Bananas, Pasta White sauces, Cheese.

It is also recommended that extremely Hot or Cold food or beverages be avoided during the hardening process, and especially if any tooth sensitivity is experienced during the first 72 hours. Clinicians also advise: NOT to brush teeth within 24 hours of treatment.

NOT to smoke within 24 hours of treatment as the nicotine in cigarettes can quickly re-stain your newly whitened teeth. This advice is designed to ensure that you get the maximum satisfaction from your procedure and that your newly whitened teeth will continue to be a positive part of your beautiful smile.

How carries out a typical procedure job?

To begin with, the dentist will position a gadget in your mouth that reveals your teeth by spreading the lips as well as gum tissues out of the skin, making it simpler for her or him to service your teeth. Vaseline or various other oil jelly-based product is actually dispersed across the lips as well as the gum tissues.

This helps always keep the mouth moist and avoids the cells from burning under the laser. Next, a rack is actually loaded with hydrogen peroxide-containing gel and the client’s teeth are actually left open to it, or the dental expert coatings a hydrogen peroxide-containing gel straight on to the individual’s teeth. Cautious interest is paid off to not put any of the gel on to the person’s gum tissues, as hydrogen peroxide can burn the periodontal.

Occasionally, this is actually inevitable, and also the customer will likely experience gum sensitiveness during and after the procedure. Ultimately, a laser device is put before the patient’s oral cavity. The individual will hang around until the informed opportunity is actually up.

Commonly a client will certainly undertake 3 twenty-minute treatments or more thirty-minute treatments. As soon as the amount of time is actually up, the dental expert is going to wipe the gel off of the client’s teeth and afterwards clear away the device coming from the person’s oral cavity. The person is going to at that point be coached to rinse intensely along with water, to get rid of any type of leftover gel. See our gallery!

What occurs after the treatment?

At times the client will be given a whitening toothpaste or even whitening gel and holders to use in the house. If delivered trays, the person must observe paths exactly when using the items.

In some folks, tooth, as well as gum sensitiveness, can take place. If this happens, the client needs to take care when eating or consuming hot or even chilly foods items, as the temperature will definitely be actually even more rigorous for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

Generally, the sensitivity goes away within that time frame. From time to time an individual will definitely experience irreversible sensitivity, which can easily not be undone, yet the threat of the is considerably lower than recently used expert whitening approaches. See our FAQs!

End results

The individual can anticipate enhancing the colour of his or teeth by roughly three colour shades. The careful focus needs to be actually spent not to consume or even drink any staining food items or beverage in the course of the next three times after the technique, as the teeth are much more prone to discolouring in the course of this moment.

After three days, consuming as well as consuming could be resumed to ordinary. Normally, the whitening obtained by laser teeth whitening lasts anywhere coming from six months to 2 years, after which it has to be redone once again if coming back the teeth to a whiter condition is preferred.

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