Ageing And Yellow Teeth

One of the most common causes of low self-esteem is discoloured teeth. The yellow coloured teeth are mostly present among many people buy mainly over 40-year-olds and holds individuals back from smiling freely.

Ageing and yellow teeth may embarrass you in certain situations, but there is no need to worry because a solution is always there.

Through the laser teeth whitening, you can get rid of the shade of yellow in just an hour and smile beautifully over life.

First, you must establish the causes of the colour.

Some of the causes are highlighted below:

Natural- Some people are graced with yellow colour from birth. This is not a deficiency because not all people are fortunate enough to have shiny natural white teeth.

The outer most covering of the tooth known as the enamel is white. Nevertheless, the inner part which is the dentin is naturally yellow. In some cases, you find that the outer part of the teeth is translucent making the tooth to appear yellow. This is due to the lack of adequate minerals in the teeth.

Oral hygiene – Improper oral hygiene will always lead to yellow teeth colour. Lack of proper care of the oral region through flossing and brushing, will lead to the yellow tinge in addition to other dental problems.

Meal habits-  The type of food we eat can be held accountable to the discolourations of teeth. Fruits like berries and beverages like coffee, tea and soda have colour imparting properties. Nicotine deposits also cause stained teeth through smoking or chewing tobacco.

Ageing- You have to welcome the fact that ageing causes the teeth to turn yellow. Regardless of how careful you may have been in your general hygiene, staining properties seep into your teeth giving it a yellowish tinge. Similarly, you may find that the enamel wears down and the inner part dentin becomes visible.

Yellow Teeth Treatments

Even though we can try our best to use simpler methods in the cleaning of teeth sometimes this may be hard to achieve the desired results.

As such, we incorporate modern day methods like the Laser teeth whitening with guaranteed immediate results.

Simpler methods- They include brushing and flossing twice a day, brushing after taking beverages with imparting properties — use of whitening toothpaste and chewing sugar-free whitening gums. Routine use of whitening strips or paint on bleach.

Laser teeth whitening – It is becoming one of the prime choices among people without waiting for weeks. A client will be able to achieve between 5-12 shades in one particular session. Apart from it being affordable to all those who may be considering a session, it is also pain-free.

It’s an instance whereby there is no experience of pain but all acquisition of gain in terms of results. It is long lasting, and clients are advised to go for follow up sessions to maintain their oral hygiene.

Laser teeth whitening is the way to go for those in a rush for immediate guaranteed results in just 60 minutes.

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