About us the laser teeth whitening specialists

When selecting a company to undertake the Laser Teeth Whitening you want the best service.

A professional laser teeth whitening specialists company like Smile 60 with years of experience to undertake the treatment and of course brighter white teeth.

Our system which originated from Beverly Hills in the USA is a safe and proven system to safely whiten your teeth without the use of bleach. 

Smile 60 have many years of experience in laser teeth whitening.

Our customers enjoy an unrivaled experience with laser teeth whitening. 

Smile 60 can beat many of our competitors with our competitive pricing policy for laser teeth whitening.

You are in safe hands with Smile60 as we only offer laser teeth whitening throughout our network of clinics across the UK.

All our teeth whitening consultants are fully trained and take every care to ensure that our customers have a pleasurable experience. 

We offer a full pre-consultation where we go over the process in great detail.

The results speak for themselves!

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