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I got this treatment before my wedding and the results were astonishing. Smile 60 exceeded my expectations.

– Laura

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The Process of Laser Teeth whitening

The process can be separated into the two parts; We explain the process and talk about what to do after the whitening procedure.

Customers will see how his or her teeth will look after the laser treatment has been applied using the shade guide.. The second part of the procedure is to actually do the laser treatment; it takes around one hour.

  • Comfortable and relaxing ambience
  • Easy and free parking
  • Late evenings and weekend appointments
  • Undertaken by trained teeth whitening professionals
  • Specialists in only teeth whitening treatments
  • Excellence in service every time


The clinic is willing to guarantee great results from the Laser Teeth Whitening laser procedure as the process is extremely effective. In addition, the laser is process is safe because the process won’t damage the enamel of any patient’s teeth. The process is a proven whitening treatment which will give the patient a naturally white look. The patient will be pleasantly surprised as how well his or her teeth will look. One treatment will typically last from eighteen to twenty-four months; which makes the clinic trip affordable £99.00 when you are needing a top up treatment.


The emerging demand surrounding teeth whitening today goes beyond the periodical dental procedure that many were previously accustomed to. Today, teeth whitening is a much-needed beauty regime for many, especially in readiness for an important occasion. It is also a trendy attribute for the fashion conscious, thanks to the affordability and the harmless nature of the procedure. In recent times, the reasons why people choose teeth whitening are;

  • To improve on their beauty.
  • It helps them look younger.
  • To scale back teeth discolouration caused by years of smoking.
  • In readiness for an upcoming occasion.
  • For a lift in confidence.

Opening hours Monday – Friday: 8.30 a.m. to 8p.m. and on Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30pm.

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