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Laser teeth whitening is a great way of whitening the teeth
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Great Result

With immediate results laser teeth whitening is fast becoming one of the primary choices to get a whiter smile without having to wait weeks. Smile60 smile clinics are located all over the UK so there is sure to be one close to you. Typically customers will achieve between 5-12 shades in one session. learn more

Long Lasting

Smile60 offer a long lasting whitening treatment which lasts up to 24 months. We also help our customers by offering a reduced cost follow up session which are perfect to restore your smile back. Why wait to get a whiter smile when our treatments are affordable and long lasting. learn more

Pain free

We all want a whiter crisper looking smile but why should go through lots of pain to acquire it. Smile60 offer a pain free whitening treatment which we explain during the consultation process on the same day as the treatment takes place. So no pain all gain with Smile60 whitening clinics. learn more

Safe effective

We will show our customers during the FREE consultation their current teeth colour on the VITA shade guide and then SHOW the colour we would expect you to achieve after the whitening has taken place. We achieve somewhere between 5-12 shades which is an amazing transformation for many people. learn more

Instant results and guarantee for everyone with Smile60 – Laser teeth whitening in 60 minutes.

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In the UK now everyone has lots of choice when choosing a teeth whitening company but many choose Smile60 because we offer a whitening guarantee so check out our great monthly offers. Laser teeth whitening treatments are not all the same and at Smile60 we are proud our system in one of the very best systems.

We are so confident we can show you before we start the treatment how white the teeth will look on the shade guide by having a Smile 60 treatment and the amazing thing about this 1 hour teeth whitening treatment, and gives you instant results guaranteed for everyone! See our offers click here >

10 Reasons customers select Smile 60 for a whiter smile

  • 60 minutes treatment giving you instant results
  • Guaranteed RESULTS up to 12 shades lighter and whiter
  • Powerful whitening system developed in the US now in the UK
  • Treatment will be by trained specialists only
  • Smile 60 specialize only in laser teeth whitening
  • We do not up sell and there are no hidden fees. Prices advertised price you pay
  • Over 25 clinics to choose from across the UK. See the list on the left.
  • Results of our whitening should last up to 2 years
  • We show you in consultation process how white the teeth will change
  • Pain free whitening. Get that Hollywood smile today!

The Smile60 System

The Smile 60 system is a very popular choice to get your teeth whiter in just 60 minutes and our system is a Professional teeth whitening system that is effective every time!

Smile loud and proud again!

Laser teeth whitening treatment will whiten your teeth and make your smile bright again enhancing your smile for everyone to see! Dont be embarassed about the colour of your teeth call us we can help fix that!

What we drink an eat including smoking all these things will continue to darken our teeth over time but laser whitening from Smile60 can get your teeth to return back to there own natural white colour in an hour.
As with most things you should research your options for getting a whiter smile and seek the advise of your dentist but in most cases laser whitening proves to enhance the smile by up 14 shades in one session and one hour.

You will find that the treatment is virtually painless, and takes just one visit rather than other treatments that require several visits. Results can be seen instantly. So, when you find out that you have that important business meeting get a Smile appointment for a laser tooth whitening.

Follow up treatments

After you have had your teeth whitened you will want to keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible. Smile60 recognise this and this is why we offer the follow up treatments for just £99.00.

Typically every 24 months is a good time to get a follow up treatment but some customer will choose to have more frequent. Laser teeth whitening is a safe, non evasive treatment so you can have as frequent as you desire.smile-3


Having good dental hygiene and seeing your dentist on a regular basis is also a must for keeping the teeth whiter for longer but at least Smile60 make it affordable to have it done again in the future.

Why are you so much cheaper?

We base our prices on a national basis but we are competitive and run 12 monthly offers on our website and clinics.

How long will it last?

Teeth whitening can last up to 2 years. Having good dental hygiene and sensible lifestyle helps but Smile60 offer cost effective follow up treatments.

How many shades will the teeth go whiter?

There is no average but many customers will go up to 12 shades. We show how white the teeth will change during the consultation this is our guarantee.

Does it hurt?

No it shouldn’t hurt and we suggest during the consultation if you start to get any sensitivity to stop and we are happy to offer the treatment over two sessions for no extra cost.

See our full frequently asked customer questions here<<<<< <LINK>>>>>>

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